Prepare yourself in 5 easy steps

Every disaster is different, but preparing for them can be simple,
because every human has the same basic needs


You will need about 2 gallons of water per day for drinking and sanitation. We recommend keeping at least one week supply of water at any time.

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You will need about 2,400 calories per day to sustain you. We recommend storing food that is prepared for survival and has a good mix of all required nutritions.

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Many large disasters can damage your dwelling and leave you without light and heat for extended periods of time. Depending on where you are located we recommend you to get the items that are appropriate for your climate.

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Sometimes all you have time for is to grab a few things out of your house and get out. We recommend you to keep an evacuation pack that you can easily grab and go.

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Preparedness Plan

Disaster can strike fast and unexpected. Often the communications will be cut. We recommend that you to prepare a simple plan to share with your family in advance. If you have elderly family members, decide who is best suited to check on them.